Things You Need to Know

We founded Johnnie Blooms Gifts with one goal in mind: giving our customers a fair, rewarding and enjoyable shopping experience. We conduct business according to the same values, knowing that better service equals loyal customers. Our store policies are detailed below, please have a look and contact us if you want to learn more!

Privacy Policy

Your use of this Website is governed by these Terms and Conditions. Please take a few minutes to review these Terms and Conditions. Your use of the JohnnieBlooms.com Website constitutes your agreement to follow these rules and to be bound by them. By placing an order with JohnnieBlooms either through our Website, over the phone, or by any other medium, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. You must be 18 years or older, and have a valid credit card, with full authority to use it, to submit an order for products or services through our Website. If you do not agree with any of these Terms and Conditions, please do not use the JohnnieBlooms.com Website.

Use of Website

The JohnnieBlooms.com Website is for the sole use of individuals and entities wishing to review, consider, purchase or otherwise engage in retail transactions involving Johnnie Blooms goods and services and/or to otherwise transact business with or contact Johnnie Blooms, on their own behalf (or, in the case of a gift or a corporate transaction, on behalf of their intended recipients). We will not share transactional preferences of an individual customer (whether such customer is a person or an entity) with any third party not affiliated with Johnnie Blooms. This policy is intended to protect the privacy and freedom of  Johnnie Blooms customers and the personal relationship Johnnie Blooms works to develop with its customers and others authorized to use its Website.